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Shirke Energy is active in Biomass and BioFuel industry. We offer Biomass to Biofuel Technology. Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels will open new opportunities for Farmers, Co-operatives and Industries. Biomass to Biofuel Technology will offer extra revenue to farmers.  It will generate significant employment. The Biomass to biofuel technology is milestone in Biofuel field.

The company has proven its technical expertise in Biofuel Industry. As a Biodiesel Manufacturer, we extract Biodiesel from Jatropha, Pongamia, Castor, Palm, Animal Tallow and Non edible oils.


Biomass to Biofuel Technology


Agricultural Waste to Biofuel

Agricultural Waste is a waste produced as a result of various agricultural operations. It includes Crop Residues, grass, Forest Waste etc. Usually it’s disposal is critical as it is in distributed form. In many cases, it result into burning to avoid further handling. Biofuel production from agricultural wastes is lucrative option. We developed technology to convert agricultural waste to biofuel.

We have designed Mobile Pyrolysis Plant. This plant converts Biomass to Bio oil.

Unique Solution for Federal Government and State Governments having Biomass and looking for Biofuel Production from Agriculture Waste. We offer Agriculture waste to Biofuel Plant as Turnkey Solution.

We have unique solutions for Biomass with you, if you are,

• Corporate

• State Governments

• Federal Government

• Non-Profit Organisation

• Farmers Co-operatives

Our Technology will give you

• Earn Extra Revenue

• Reducing Fossil Fuel Import

• Employment Generation

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