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  Incepted in 2005, SEPL believe in delivering Quality products after continuous Research & Dedicated efforts. We do respect Green Revolution against impact of Hazardous Fossil Fuels.
  Recongnising it’s our duty to be a part of Green Revolution, SEPL started its operations in Biofuel Industry. After detail study on Jatropha as Fuel Crop, we developed Indigenous high yielding varieties of Jatropha. Multiplication of Branches is simple term to summaries the same.
SPL Team act as technical consultant to major groups in Biofuel Industry in India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia. The company also eyes on latest Biofuel development in Europe, Africa & Asia.
  The company also involved in conducting technical training to Indian Railways  Officials. The mentors of company are also representing on various Committees  formed for Biofuel Development by Indian Government.
  The company is active as Jatropha Seed Buyer and Supplier, Jatropha Oil Supplier. We are leading Biodiesel Manufacturers in India.

Area of Business 

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  Board of Directors
     1) Dr. Abhijeet Shirke - Managing Director

     2) Dr. Anirudha Shirke - CEO  

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